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Ruby the RabbitFoot
Divorce Party
New West Records / Normaltown Records

Ruby the RabbitFoot's third album, Divorce Party is - yes - the opposite of a wedding party. It's an album described by her label as being 'a celebration of life after loss, and the creative renewal that comes from finding light amongst the darkness.' (New West Records) Yes, Ruby has been through a break-up and (according to her label) she has turned it into 'an album thick with joyous beats, infectious melodies and lyrics that spin disappointment and desolation into revelatory moments.' Probably not the first breakup-album around, but maybe one of the poppier and more upbeat ones. At least on the outside.

"Beach Flowers" kicks off the album, and Divorce Party unveils a snap, crackle and pop collection of songs which breath and pulsate in a most lively way. Life is full of hard knocks, right, but the hardest kmocks leaves bad, painful memories which eventually shift into being just distant memories slowly fading away. Her last album, New as Dew (2014) presented the more singer-songwriter artist Ruby the RabbitFoot: 'In the past it's been my nature to pick up the guitar' (Ruby). This time she wanted 'more of a pop-sounding' album, in which she's succeded (along with her collaborator and instrumental partner, Natalie Neal - (who's also a 'renowned avant-garde director and photographer'). It's not that this is a full-blooming, over-exploding pop album (she's been listening 'constantly to everything from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift and Fiona Apple'). Divorce Party is playful with its rhythms, beats and colorful pop thrills. It's an energetic record showing that the worst, most final break up can boost and blossom a new go. However as brutal and harsh as it can be. This is how you learn, how you grow, how you move on. A life lesson learned - and then you move on. Love can be limited, but even hate's got a limit.

'If I ever see your name in lights I think I'll melon ball my eyes out,
Mail them to you overnight with a note that says "Surprise!
Remember when you used to swim for miles and miles in these baby blues?
I wish you would have drowned, cause I hate you,
Oh I do...'
("I Hate You").

'That breakup was challenging, but I'm good for it,' Ruby has said. 'I learned so much about love, and I am writing and singing better than I ever have. So I'd like to thank my ex.' I guess she'd better do so, beuase Divorce Party seems like an alright party.

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