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Sin Fang
Morr Music

Sin Fang is Seabear founder and mastermind, Sindri Már Sigfússon's solo project. Spaceland is his third album as Sin Fang. Like many of the artist from the Morr Music label's roster (such as múm, Ms. John Soda, B. Fleischmann, Lali Puna, Styrofoam, and of course Seabear) Sin Fang presents 'intelligent dance music, electronica and dream pop'.

Spaceland holds several guest appearances, including fellow Icelanders Jónsi (of Sigur Rós), Sóley and Pascal Pinon's Jófríður Ákadóttir (a.k.a. Jfdr) plus Norwegian Farao (a.k.a. Kari Jahnsen). The album holds both bedroom music as well as dance floor pop. Dreamy as well as punchy modern electronic pop. Drifting, swirling, revolving songs that glitter, sparkle and shine. According to Morr, Spaceland is a 'deeply personal and 100% contemporary take on electronic pop', claiming Spaceland to be more 'Southern Fried than Tropic of Cancer'. Spaceland was recorded between Los Angeles and Sindri's hometown Reykjavík. Further, Morr says that this new album 'feels like diary entries spelled out like Billboard news headlines'. It's said that Spaceland is the sound of 'self-therapy after having panic attacks.' As Sindri explains, he 'wrote most of the lyrics after I started having panic attacks', and the album title refers to the 'headspace' he was in during that period. A period he felt like he 'was dying all the time'. Well, death is not the end every time it feels/seems like it's at your doorstep.

Spaceland was mostly written on the piano. It's self-recorded and self-produced (with support from Jónsi and ó's boyfriend Alex Somers). The nine tracks on the album present bubbling and energetic, yet discreet and electric dreamy pop music with hints of glitchy trip-hop in a new setting. His songs are of the fragile kind, but they also appear quite optimistic. The title track is among the best here, along with the rich sounding "I Want You To Know", "Never Let Me Go" (feat. Sóley), and the more driving and bouncy "Please Don't" (feat. Farao). Like I said, Spaceland holds music both for late hours in your bedroom as well as songs for the strobe light at some dancefloor. The calmer closing track "Down" (feat. Jfdr) puts the album to a safe, controlled landing. Sindri (who's also part of a new trio project named Gangly) creates some fascinating personal pop music from his Spaceland. Check out the 'Sindri pop' of Spaceland. As the saying goes: Space is the place.

PS! The limited vinyl release holds the 4 song Space Echo EP as a bonus, giving us another track ("X.O.R.") featuring Farao.

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