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coverpic flag New Zealand - Full Moon 249 - 12/14/16

The Bats
Flying Nun Records

NZ favourites The Bats is soon back with their ninth album. "Antlers" is a teaser from the new album due early next year, their first since the praised Free All the Monsters in 2011. The band has the same line-up as on their debut release in 1984 and dare I say that the sound hasn't changed much either. Which not necessary is a bad thing at all.

"Antlers" is a mid-tempo song with a slight country feeling. As so often with The Bats of the latter 25 years or so, the melodies need a little time to break through; it's not a catchy pop song as much of their 80's (more well-known?) output were. The voice of Bats-boss Robert Scott has matured and the overall sound is more grown up. If you have followed The Bats from By Night or thereabouts, the new album The Deep Set should also be worth the wait. Just don't expect any big surprises, music-wise.

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