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Babes Never Die
FatCat Records

It's been two years since Glaswegian duo Honeyblood released their self-titled debut album. Having lost their original drummer after their first release, band members Stina Tweeddale (guitar/vocals) and Cat Myers (drummer/vocals) have now delivered a fiery, energetic and still quite angry record. In likeness to their previous release the lyrical theme still revolves around love and hear-ache, but more extroverted and full of resolve. With regard to the album title, and the track itself, Tweeddale states 'I guess you could call it a war cry; to have faith to never let yourself be defeated' and '...When I use the word 'Babe' I don't see it as gendered. I just wanted to share the phrase and the power it gives me.'

Therefore, in lieu of the self-pity usually ascribed to themes of love, the record prescribes a more hands-on-approach as demonstrated in the chorus of "Sea Hearts":

'Roller coaster, just to have a little fun
Won't listen to any caution
We're the breakers on the waves
And we'll break hearts, break hearts, break hearts that get in the way'

And for those who gets their heart broken in the way:

'Hey hey, it's just a little heartbreak!'

Babes Never Die offers a kind of up-in-your-face toughness, avoiding the cute guitar-and-drum stereotype often haunting comparable outfits. The tracks, dominated by Tweeddales gritty and hectic guitar, are remarkably well performed; which gives them credit taken their minimal set-up into account. In sum; even though the band is now firmly placed within both the Glaswegian and the wider 90s revival rock scene, their sound is definitely becoming their own.

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