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The Crossing Border Festival
Den Haag, October 16th - 17th 1998

The 2nd Day

This year the Crossing Border Festival was arranged for the 6th time. Crossing Border is a festival where musicians and writers perform. Mostly it's been a spoken word fest, but after a couple of years there's music as well.

When we (me, my cousin and 2 friends of him) came there Jan Peter spotted me. So the first known person was already found. From there I lost everyone I came w/. Not that strange for me. With Jan Peter & girlfriend (?) I went to the Statenhal. When we wanted to walk outta there Mirella spotted us. So finally I met Mirella & Stella again as well, as Bianca & Marije for the first time. Some chatting followed. Even about a forbidden subject which I knew nothing about. Since it was about Nuclear Rabbit it was okay.

After a while we went to check out Adam Cohen. That was boring so we went to see Mark Hudson instead. He did some spoken word, and it was okay. After that we saw Mark Sandman, from Morphine, on stage. That was a thingie he just had to do. Why tune the guitar all the time - buy a better one. Even some spoken word between all the songs. When Stella and Bianca joined us it went about rabbits. So we laughed.

Then, after solving the drinking problem it was time for Karl Hayde Tomato Project. Karl Hayde is known from Underworld. A good description would be spoken word w/ sound and video effects, all at the same time. Sometimes it was hard to follow everything what went on on stage. It was even harder cuz some pain in the arse bitches were sitting in front of us. What Karl Hayde did was something completely new, so I could stand or fall down. Well, despite of some shouting from the audience, Karl responded well. And before we knew it the 1.5 hours went gone. So that was good. Then I said goodbye to Mirella, Stella & Marije to move my ass to the Souterrain.

Later on Jello Biafra was going to do his thingie there. While searching for ppl I knew I almost walked over Jello (no kidding here). When Jello started it was dark and you could hear something from an older spoken word album. Jello said stuff about the drug-problem and the way we solved that, including the crime rate. Other stuff was things that go around and what you do with it, which way you respond and what kinda actions you take. He also mentioned Mumia Abu Jamal, a journalist on Death Row for 20 years, another stupid thing that should be abolished in my opinion. This was followed by what gets published, or gets attention by news thingies. And, esp. what doesn't get any attention. Hmmm, how come Americans are so stupid? Well, over here it isn't much better anyway. But really strange things happen over there, stuff that makes you think: How the fuck is it possible that these things happen? After Jello we went home for a good sleep.

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