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Riders In The Sky
A Great Big Western Howdy!

Long Live the Cowboys... I remember that during my Greek childhood, years before the trashy and regurgitated TV shows, the local big screen of the cinema was full of innocence and cowboys who had a very proper sense of law and justice. Those were the years when Gene Autry, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Jim Adams roamed the American west, offering their help to the helpless and applying the law to the fear and trepidation of the lawless. Most of us grew up with these images and, I dare say, those films have managed to capture and define our childhood. So, this disc from the Riders In The Sky is the best recreation of the Westerns after the Sons of the Pioneers and Sergio Leone. Yodeling in harmony and with a fantastic sense of off-beat humour, the Riders have corralled a magnificent and wacky pack of cowboy campfire tunes. Extra, Extra recommended for kids and their cowboy-lore loving parents.

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