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Marco Patrizi
Night's Flowers


Marco Patrizi's Night's Flowers on the other hand is a true instrumental progressive delicacy equal to the best of the best British neo-prog that is around. Laced with guitar riffs that appear out of nowhere and go everywhere, Marco's Night's Flowers brims with soundscapes from an elusive Prog-land, drenched in a luminous progressive aura. This CD can easily become the Holy Grail of Prog fans everywhere who will undoubtedly raise its humble price to stratospheric levels. I certainly consider this a masterpiece and will recommended it to anyone who loves the uncanny mastery of the unknown musician. But... (and here is another but...) you will not be able to saunter down the street to your local store and deprive them of a copy. You will need to call Marco directly and beg for a copy. His studio number is +39-06-4140.4640.

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