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Amon Ra
Precarious Balance

Every so often here comes a CD (out of the blue) that is full of exiting sounds and virile spirit that pleases the soul, the ear and the inner self. Amon Ra is one of those rare young groups that have managed to reverently invoke the past as well as create the future with their complex progressive magical release.

Their self-produced Precarious Balance presents a sound full of dynamic aural exploration, wild guitar explosives amidst full breadth keyboards and wonderful vocals. This is what prog music should be: sophisticated, complex, intuitive, classical, new, dramatic, expansive and fun!! I certainly wish that a lot more (new or old) groups can gift us with such sound gems. I feel that this CD is 74 min too short... I can't wait for the next release!!

Unfortunately this release is only available from the band directly: Amon Ra.

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