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Mark Foggo's Skasters
St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Skanky 'lil Records

The cover of this album looks like an American newspaper with a picture of Mark Foggo, dressed in 20's style. The written story has some background info about the first song, St. Valentine's day massacre, which is about the killing of 7 men of Bugs Moran, executed by men from Al Capone's gang. This is followed by a funny song, A Very Fussy Pussycat. The third song is the first in the range of songs about cars; Big Red Cars, the title actually says it all.

The album continues with the following songs: Fat Girl, Car on a Train, Knifeman Jack, Road Rage, It's You, One, Stand and Deliver, He Drives a Volvo, Ramona from Barcelona, Mama Don't Like and it ends with Ska Street. Where his former albums were more Rock-steady, St. Valentine's Day Massacre has got other influences mixed in. For me it didn't take much time to get into this album. The slower songs are nicely blended between the more up-tempo songs.

It's their best album and I'm already looking for the next. Live these songs stand like a big rock on the ground, and the only thing left to do is start skanking our ass off.

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