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Wylie & the Wild West
Total Yodel
Rounder Records

"The yodel can be happy, it can be lonesome, it's always soulful. Here's an album's worth of the stuff that good ol' Western music is made of." So say Wylie and to prove it he has filled his CD with a whole bunch of Cowboy sentiment and classic yodelin' songs. These are the songs that have animated the Western lore that has shaped our childhood (those of us that had our formative years before the Star Wars and Pac Man generation).

A great disc from an artist with an uncanny yodelin' ability and the power to bring to life the yodelin' styles of Jimmie Rodgers, Elton Britt, Slim Whitman, Hank Williams, and Roy Rogers. This is NOT a novelty record but a serious recreation of the cowboy soul and voice. It is a timeless, evocative, knee-slapping fun full of country gyrations and campfire camaraderie.

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