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Mario Corradini & Group
El Tangonauta
MCT (own label)

I came across Mario Corradini and his group by accident as I walked into one of the medieval towers in Tarquinia. On the second floor of this remodelled stone tower I came across some people that were busily setting the stage for a concert. Upon inquiring, I was told that indeed there was a concert about to start in "about" an hour. So, we (Charity and the kids) decided to stay and listen to the music that was offered free by the city of Tarquinia to its citizens and the accidental tourists that ventured into the inner sanctums of their Cultural Centre. The concert was part of the series Suoni Del Nostro Mare - Appuntamenti con la Musica Mediterranea (Sounds Of Our Sea - Appointments with Mediterranean Music), which includes some great artists. From the program I found out that the artist for that night was Mario Corradini. Furthermore the program said that Mario Corradini is an Argentinean, son of Italian immigrants who has come back to Italy to live and play his music.

In Tarquinia he was presenting his new work (and CD) based on the adventures of El Tangonauta, who, according to Mario, is a character "who is here, and yet he is not, one who is always going away...he is part of the world but he does not belong to it...". When the group started to play I was left speechless by the great sounds that ware caressing my soul and the fantastic emotions that were pouring out from the wonderful emotional musical carousel. I ran to the back of the hall and bought 4 copies of the CD for myself and for some friends in Greece and in the US!! (At the end of the concert even Mario said that I had exaggerated with my purchases a bit...)

The music is a brilliant brew of passionate tango, Italian tarantella and Mediterranean sunshine all delicioulsy mixed in an orgasmic tempest that shows the cultural influences of the continents and lands that have formed Mario Corradini's world. The CD - a magnificent synergy of Mario's fiery guitar, Roberto Rocchetti's erotic violin, Andre Nunzi's elegant percussion and Stefano Nunzi's dynamic bass - is filled with delicate intricacies, sensitive notes and savage musical explosions that are almost transcriptions of a glorious afternoon filled with sensual lovemaking. A great, passionate work that will leave you breathless with its "hot" mediterranean Tango vigour.

PS. This wonderful work is dedicated to Astor Piazzola whose creativity and musical inheritance are justly bestowed on Mario Corradini.

Contact: Mario Corradini Trio, Corso Cefalonia 36/38, 63023 Fermo (AP), Italia

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