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The Delgados
Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, January 19th 1999

Last time the Delgados played a hometown gig they were in the salubrious surroundings of the Mitchell Theatre, where they practically incorporated the sit-down venue into their act, with a slideshow, lighting effects, and comfy leather armchairs, which somehow fitted in with the Peloton vibe perfectly. Now it was back to, well, the opposite of the Mitchell, rockwise, the hot and sweaty RAWK AND ROLL environment of Nice'n'Sleazy's basement. In fact the hot humid conditions probably make it possible for a strange primordial soup effect to generate new rock life, where new stars may be born.

Of course the Delgados are stars already, or as close as you can get to this in Glasgow's indie rock underground without being the Supernaturals. But this is a back-to-basics performance of sorts - although they're still augmented by flute and cello, this is probably necessary to get the full effect of the likes of Everything Goes Round the Water, which they kick off with, and Pull the Wires From the Wall. There are still the experimental leanings that we saw on Peloton, such as Blackpool (mercifully the tape machine doesn't have to go into overdrive this time!) but all in all there's more of a rock edge. We get a couple of oldies this time (you spoil us!) with Falling and Landing getting an airing along with the now-obligatory 13 Gliding Principles, though the look that the entire band gave one intrepid 'heckler' who asked for A Very Cellular Song was priceless.

There was new song too, we're not sure, we think it's a cover at first, but apparently not - but that's just the mark of a good song, I suppose. Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt you see; in this case, with the gig sold out ages ago, the Delgados have a local audience who still love them as their own. Today Glasgow, tomorrow the world.

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