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coverpic flag Germany - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 29 - 03/02/99


A progressive metal rock album from a German band... Though this introduction conjures up images of black leather, whips and chains and other assorted SM implements, it is really NOT so. They are HEAVY, for sure but they are also melodic... You may not be able to play this CD in the office loudly, but then again, I do not think that Winterland would mind if you don't. Their excellently crafted brand of metal rock has an appealing sound which is excellently complemented by Thorsten Frie's (the singer) baritone voice. This is not music for the Paula Abdul fans or the frivolously "fabulous" disco crowd but hey... There is more to life than candy-coated trash !!! Winterland delivers a metal sound full of virile strength and melodic sensibility. Great stuff !!

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