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Fito Paez
Warner Music Argentina (WEA Lat. 0630-15728-2)

In the US, we are accustomed to international superstars performing "Unplugged" for MTV, and then releasing the session as an album, usually with much success. Recently, there has been a trend for Latin recording artists to do the same, and Euforia the latest release from Argentina's premiere male rock soloist, Fito Paez, is a welcome addition to this exciting genre of music. Drawing from several of his previous albums, including Tercer Mundo (1990), El Amor Despues Del Amor (1992) and Circo Beat (1994), all of which are available from Warner Music, Paez delivers an energetic and eclectic set containing many of his biggest hits, as well as three new singles; Cadaver Exquisito, Tus Regalos Deberian de Llegar and Dar es Dar. The three new songs are definitely up to par, and should enjoy much success in Paez native Argentina, as well as internationally.

From the first orchestral beats of Y Dale Alegria a Mi Corazon (originally from Tercer Mundo) to the closing notes of Del '63, listeners will be hypnotized by Paez unique sound, a blend of pop/folk/classical that separates him from the recent group of emerging rock en espanol soloists. His voice is smooth and sharp and interesting and sometimes spouts more words than most would think humanly possible at the same time (check out the range and ups and downs of the scale combined with who knows how many words per minute on track #9 Los Tumbas de La Gloria!!!!)

Paez previous efforts have sold hundreds of thousands of albums worldwide, making Paez one of Argentina's most acclaimed singer-songwriters of the past decade. He emerged as an international presence with the success of El Amor Despues Del Amor in 1992, which has sold close to a million copies throughout the world, and which features such hits as the title track El Amor Despues Del Amor, as well as Un Vestido y Un Amor, A Rodar Mi Vida, and Tumbas de La Gloria, and the last three can be found on Euforia, (with different orchestration and execution of course). His follow up, Circo Beat, co-produced by Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera was recorded in Rosario, Argentina, where Paez was born, as well as in New York, London, and Italy and was also a smash. Singles from Circo Beat featured on Euforia include Mariposa Tecknicolor and Circo Beat.

Recorded with an orchestra of 25, as well as his usual incredible band, Paez' music draws in even the uninitiated listener. With the release of Euforia, a potpourri of several of his most favored songs, as well as the addition of three excellent new compositions, Fito Paez has ensured that his well deserved success will be long lasting, in his native Argentina and around the world.

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