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Amor Total
Polygram Mexico (31453-40632)

Amor Total translates to "Total Love" and the latest release by Polygram Mexico's sensational Emmanuel delivers exactly what the album title promises. Title track Amor Total is the first single from the album as well as the musical theme from the soap opera La Culpa. But don't be fooled by the slow and romantic ballad - there is much more to this album than can you will notice at first listen. Emmanuel combines several styles of music - pop, Mariachi, African drums and even rock on this eclectic album of uptempo numbers combined with sensual ballads. Recorded in Madrid and coproduced by Emmanuel and Manuel Alejandro, a prestigious composer and producer, this album is one of the most eagerly awaited collaborations of the year.

The title track, as well as the next four tracks on the album, Tarumba, Mi Mujer, Corazones, and Adios, Mi Sirena, Adios were written by Manuel Alejandro, and like all tracks on this album encompass the theme of love - love in every direction - the fountain of life, happiness and pain, and how love sustains everything important fundamental and necessary in life. This album touches on all emotions - and even if you don't understand the lyrics, Emmanuel's voice is dramatic enough to convey the message of the songs. The intense ballads Mi Mujer ("My Woman") and Lo Eres Todo ("You Are Everything") express the love a man feels for his woman and the Mariachi style Corazones ("Hearts") is a celebration of hearts that are lucky enough to find each other. Another standout single is La Fuerza De La Vida, ("The Strength Of Life") which sounds like any uptempo smash that you might hear on an English language radio station, but in Spanish! This catchy song hooks you in and doesn't let you go!!

This is Emmanuel's first release on Polygram after a long and successful career, spanning almost 20 years, which includes honors such as a Grammy nomination in the US for his album Solo as well as several of Mexico's top honors including the prestigious Heraldo awards for Best Artist, Best Concert, and Best Album for six consecutive years, as well as international awards in countries from Chile to Japan!!! Polygram has made a long term commitment to this artist and with good reason - on Amor Total Emmanuel proves that love, the most basic of human emotions can evoke every emotion in existence . There is not just one type of love, but an infinite number of types of love, and on Amor Total, you have the opportunity to choose whichever type you prefer.

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