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Silent Universe
NMW Music

Overflash is a one-person group consisting of a man called Devo Andersson and a bunch of synthesizers, drum-machines and sequencers. Overflash has released two albums, the first is named Treshold To Reality, and was released in 1993. It sounds like a nice death-cyber-metal mix and didn't get too much attention when it was released. A pity, because it is quite a good album for its genre (with bands such as Cat Rapes Dog and Peace Love And Pitbulls amongst others).

On his 1996 album, Silent Universe, Devo Andersson has been much more inspired by bands like Front 242, Frontline Assembly and (as everybody else) some Nine Inch Nails. This record has passed rather unnoticed from the press (just like its predecessor). The sound is more techno, body and synth music and less metal and guitars. Devo's voice is nicely distorted and there are still some heavy guitars in the background, but they are not as obvious and dominant as in the previous record. In stead, heavy techno beats and bass lines pumps the music forward like a steaming locomotive.

There is no real highlight on the album, but if I had to pick one favorite it would be the third track, Rape The World. And, although the hit potential is sort of low, it is still a pleasant experience listening to the entire album.

Not a must-have, but if you're into body-music, and your Front 242-albums are falling apart after too much listening, give it a try.

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