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Point of Ares
The Sorrows of Young Apollo
Arula Records

A hard-edged progressive rock odyssey through the myths of Apollo and Dionysus. Shattered gods, fallen heroes, and music that rocks with tension between reason and passion. This hard, beautiful, and uncompromising album contains rock paeans to the sun god who watched his lover buried alive because he couldn't bear loving a woman more beautiful than himself, to Dionysus, to Hypatia, the last Pagan philosopher who was violently destroyed for her great learning, and to many other figures out of Greek myth and legend.

Karen Michalson, the untamable voice behind Point of Ares, delivers a wild performance that is sparklingly dark - a sort of premonition-filled sonic reverberation that often accompanies the exploding nightmares - molds the stories and creates pulsating hallucinatory images that lead you into the blissful abyss. Art Rock from the darkness...

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