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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 32 - 05/30/99

Scratching Post
Destruction of the Universe
Squirtgun Records

After their major label deal went sour when Virgin Records imprint The Enclave went bankrupt, the Toronto band that is "Keeping Metal Alive" is back with another indie release. Scratching Post's new EP, Destruction of the Universe, is 8 tracks and twenty-five minutes of pure rock. From the thundering opening of Unforgiving Love to the powerful Destruction of the Universe this album does not disappoint. Destruction ... is a lot heavier then its predecessor, Flamethrower. It does a much better job of capturing the group's energetic live sound. The only part of the album that I didn't like was the new version of Bloodflame. Although this song is doing well for them on commercial radio, I hate it when bands re-record old songs and re-release them. First it was Treble Charger then Hayden and now Scratching Post. This isn't a bad version of the song, but I prefer the version that is on Flamethrower.

I recently read an interview in which lead singer Nicole Hughes called the new EP a real "ball breaker", man she wasn't kidding. All hail the mighty Post !!!

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