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The Block Alone
Endearing Records

The Block Alone 7" is another sonic masterpiece from British Columbia's Readymade. If you're a fan of their brilliant LP, The Dramatic Balanced, you won't be disappointed by the band's latest offering.

Side A contains the song Block Alone. Endearing Records describes the band's sound as spacey pop with beats. I can't conceive of a better way to say this. On this amazing song Arch's vocals play out perfectly over various electronic beats and guitars to create a truly majestic and ear pleasing sound. Side B consists of a cover of the Bark Psychosis song All Different Things. The track is a lovely instrumental and is comprised mostly of spacey pop music as opposed to the beat heavy track on Side A.

Readymade, like My Bloody Valentine and SIANspheric, play the kind of music that takes you places. Simply close your eyes and allow the music to build beautiful sonic landscapes in the darkness.

Endearing Records: PO BOX 69009, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 2G9.

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