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Roberto Vecchioni
El Bandolero Stanco

Roberto Vecchioni has been a favourite of mine since I heard a sort of Greatest Hits CD a couple of years ago. I then found some of his early works (such as, Elisir and Ipertensione) and I was stunned by the beauty of his words and the harmonic marriage of the words and the music. I was a believer.

The other day I came across his recent CD, El Bandolero Stanco. Mamma mia, che musica ... che poesia. The music is set in a bit of a melancholic climate - a somewhat retrospective review of the past and a rather cynical aspect of the now. But then again, it is in this fin-de-siecle negativity that the Symbolist painters of the 1890's found beauty and elegance. Another CD that easily transcends language and culture to enhance our lives.

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