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Jungle + Hell
Yikes Records

Ritsu, the post-modern Goddess of Electric Violin, will probably never become your favourite CD and will probably never see the hind-site of the top-10 charts ... But, somehow, I do not think that she cares to entertain the masses.

"In her hotpink electric violin and deconstructed kimonos combined with haunting gypsy melodies [and an abundant sprinkle of Classical music, the Blues, Japanese folk tunes and Metal rock], and urban beats Ritsu redefines an old instrument's role in the modern world".

She is an artistic nut that constructs and deconstructs the music using the bow of her violin as scalpel and suture. In this deconstruction of sounds she creates a new beauty that is rare, attractive, raw, untameable and gloomily unique. This is not music for the weak, conformist pop-head couch potato. This is avant-garde stuff for the lovers of adventure and mental stimulation. Two extremely exciting CD's.

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