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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 34 - 07/28/99

Fredrik Ness Sevendal
Days Later
Apartment Records

Here's something from the post-apocalyptic, abstract attic workshop of Apartment. Fredrik is one of the guys from Slowburn, who's recorded a handful of records of lo-fi melancholy earlier. He's also released a single under the name Kelner. This is something completely different, from way, way out there. This July 30 years have passed since man went to the Moon. Days Later is from another expedition beyond that. Life on Mars? Some micro-organisms on Jupiter? A one-way ticket to Pluto? Who knows.

Days Later is a (thick) 7" single presenting two instrumental tracks, ...was she out of her mind? and 5.40 AM. "Noise-based anti-rock performed by organ, guitars, and an intense amount of effects...", the press sheet from Apartment says. True. Minimalist sounds of cold darkness, creeping over a volcanic layer billions of years old. Cold, but not totally dead. Spooky, but not frightening. Is there a life-form somewhere in there, out there? What will appear when the darkness ends? However this isn't music for pleasure. You're hereby warned. Take the noise sound-scapes as a challenge.

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