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Clover Honey
Clover Honey

After winning last year's CiTR's (UBC campus radio station) Shindig! competition, the girls in Clover Honey have used their free studio time wisely and have managed to turn out their first CD. The British Columbia band's self-titled debut is a great EP filled with catchy, distorted fuzz-filled pop gems.

Clover Honey begins with Summer Song, a good pop song about summer ending and loved ones leaving. The third track, Omar finds the girls all switching instruments to create an excellent slow, brooding song. After Omar the trio bounces back with another fun, upbeat pop song called Alleyway. The distortion filled Visine and instrumental The Beast ended this marvellous album.

The band's web page encourages people to "rock 'til your barrettes drop," which is exactly what Clover Honey will help you do. Fans of lo-fi indie pop music should definitely check out this disc or one of Clover Honey's amazing live shows. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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