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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 35 - 08/26/99

Rick Wakeman & Mario Fasciano
Stella Bianca alla Corte di Re Ferdinando
M.P. Records

Mario Fasciano, a Neapolitan singer who uses the voice as another instrument, and Rick Wakeman, the great keyboard musician of the legendary group Yes, have been perfectly matched for a record that is Manna from Napoli!

Recorded on the Isle of Man, the CD contains 8 new Neapolitan songs and it is the result of a prodigious concurrence of a number of talented artists that have somehow reached a propitious zenith of creativity here, in this album. Exotic, Mediterranean, evocative, timeless, classic and classical, and wonderful are a few of the adjectives I use to describe this exciting CD.

This record is a follow up to their 1989 album Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IV.

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