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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 36 - 09/25/99

Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti
4 Battute Di Poverta

I'd like to start this review translating the name of the band: "The delivery of the heavy clouds" ... it definitely helps to imagine what huge load of energy they can put in their music, stormy sounds!

They play a combat-folk, mostly acoustic, but in the way of punk, helped by fiddles, bozoukis, tambourines and a wonderful accordion that obliges to dance madly when it's on!

This is their 3rd work and I think it's their best, after two nice but undervalued CDs and a big freaky band, made up of a group of close friends who met at university, that maybe choked down their creativity and their need of expressing their own feelings, now exploded through the power of their notes and their simple and plucky lyrics.

In my opinion they absolutely deserve more than the "underground Italian music scene" offer them. Anyway I'm sure they'll never give up fighting for their ideals, playing wherever they can with the same strong passion!

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