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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 36 - 09/25/99

Remington Super 60
Lost Kid / Give to you
Myke Droner

Remington Super 60! That's really a neat name for a band, doing the most naive pop around Norway these days. This is the debut 7" single, and you'd better get it before it's too late (limited edition of 440). The Pizzicato Five of Norway? Type-written or clean-shaved Casio-lounge-pop, huh!?

RS60 is actually one Christoffer Schou, supported by Benedicte Sveinson (or is it a high-pitch Andre Manskov...?). Christoffer handling guitar (acoustic), Casio, and vocals, writing small pop-miracles that cuddle your legs like a kitten. Lost Kid starts with a space-voice intro, before gently spinning a 2 min 17 sec pop-web of the finest quality. A song so nice and warm, with its blip-rhythmed electronics and guitar chords, breeding kindness and innocence that only the sweetest little, angel-haired child can do. Give To You, the b-side, is another fine little tune, with a dash more Casio, and an amusing spoonful of electro-percussion. A bit more laid-back in mood, maybe, but both sides make you run to the turntable to flip and play. Over and over ...

However, Lost Kid is my little big favorite. It's a pure pop-bliss that makes you laugh at the hyped Y2K paranoia. Definitely an instant, summerly hit. A bit late now as summer fades, maybe, but, hey, we're still inside one of the warmest September's ever on these shores. I guess the summer doesn't mind lasting a bit longer. Excellent! I want more!

Finally, as Lost Kid still spins around the Luna Kafé HQ, I'd like to guide you to another fine joint: Cafe Superstar. Welcome back.

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