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coverpic flag Hungary - Full Moon 37 - 10/24/99

After Crying
Almost Pure Instrumental
StereoPeripheric Records

A rock album full of long tracks and complex arrangements composed and executed with a wide variety of classical instruments (cello, violin, piano, trumpet, horns, winds, etc.) as well as the standard rock instruments.

The songs on the CD are rich symphonic atmospheres full of vivid images on a modern tableaux. This release is a compilation containing some of the most elaborate pieces that After Crying has concocted from the uncharted territories of creative ingenuity and talent ... Elegant, vibrant and exhilarating!

PS! If you really want to experience the complete purity of the classically-tinged progressive excitement, StereoPeripheric Records has a couple more delectable Hungarian progressive intelligent rock recordings that will get your spirit going:
Force Majeure's Total Solar Eclipse (gracefully intense space-rock ala Pink Floyd with echoes of Mike Oldfield on the aftermath of this year's solar eclipse), and Kada's Kada (with their brand of improvisational jazz-rock).

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