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Sonic Unyon

All right, before I begin this review I have to admit that I am a little biased. As far as I am concerned SIANspheric is one of the best bands in music today. Every time I listen to Somnium or There's Always Someplace You'd Rather Be, I am left in total awe as I try to comprehend how one band can be so fucking good. These guys have so much talent that it should be illegal for them to play together because in a perfect world no other band would be able to compete. Unfortunately, in reality the only crime being committed is that more people have not been exposed to this band's beautiful, enchanting, sonic works of art.

SIAN's third disc, Else, features a couple of re-mixes from a discontinued EP, live tracks, and a previously unreleased track. The disc begins with a Planet Hal, an excellent drum n' bass remix of Somnium's Where the Planets Revolve. The song features a voice saying "My God it's full of stars." This statement will no doubt mirror the reviews that this disc will receive before the end of the millennium. The other two re-mixes and the previously unreleased instrumental track, 10/3/79, are also amazing. However, the best songs on this album are the three live tracks. Since the band has been absent from the live scene for some time now it is a real treat for fans to be able to listen to these studio wizards in a live setting. All three songs are stellar, the best being the band's cover of Teenage Head's Shag Shack which simply blows my mind. Like their previous two records, Else's strength lies in its ability to induce a state of pure, peaceful, bliss.

Upon hitting the play button on their CD player, the listener is taken on an awesome 73-minute voyage. The only thing to do is close your eyes and enjoy the ride. Anyone that has had the privilege of experiencing SIANspheric in any shape or form knows that this review speaks nothing but the truth. For those of you that haven't listened to band before only question remains. What the hell are you waiting for?

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