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Jane Siberry
New York Trilogy
Sheeba (

The Canadian musician/singer's new box set release features the complete cycle of live recordings from New York's Bottom Line club. There are 3 CD's in this box titled: Lips (Music for Saying It), Trees (Music for Films and Forests), and Child (Music for the Christmas Season).

Swooping, swirling acoustic and electronic musical and vocal explosions create volcanic energy walls of sound while capturing the powerful theatrics of the opera. Sweet, sparse, intellectual, hard-hitting and vibrant, this box is a pop music-lover's dream. A musical autobiography filled with original creativity and chic sensitivity. Child is a post-modern, rather liberally defined rendition of Christmas songs and anecdotes. It is a fresh view of the Christmas spirit that will keep you in line with the season but never bored or in search of another CD ... You may even get stuck on the replay button for a few times. Just so that you can enjoy this set a bit longer. The release notes include the following notes about Trees and Lips:
Trees (Music for Films and Forests): "The songs on this recording were chosen because they were either in films or about forests. Songs that had been in movie soundtracks include Slow Tango from Wim Wenders' film Faraway, So Close! (In weiter Ferne, so nah!), and It Can't Rain All The Time from Alex Proyas' The Crow." Lips (Music for Saying it), in Siberry's words: "These are songs both nasty and delicious. Speeches as facts and speeches as wishes. About closing up the gap between what we say and what we mean. And the power that can come from the human being when what we say IS what we mean."

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