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Deep Purple
Shades (1968-1998)
Warner Archives / Rhino

What a wonderful time to be around ... The end of the year, the beginning of the new one, and the beginning of the millennium. We have survived the miserable 20th century, and hopefully the 21st one will be a better one with fewer wars, Food for All, and a better hope for all mankind.

Speaking of the new millenium, there are some of us that still remember getting their first Deep Purple album and the thrill that Ian Gillian's voice or Ritchie Blackmore's solos created ... It was way back then when life was summed up in few words like "Make Love Not War" or "I'd rather be red than dead," people protested for principles and rights that the young now consider as given, and the music was played at maximum decibel levels by long-hair "freaks." It was during that "hot" period that Deep Purple sprung into fame with spine-tingling songs like Hush, Black Night, Smoke on the Water, etc.

Shades (1968-1998) is a sparkling 4 CD collection of all of the Deep Purple gems from the past 30 years! Filled with exciting versions of their standards and some hard to find sonic trinkets, this collection is a MUST for the Deep Purple aficionado and the neophyte who wants to catch a glimpse of the glorious rock past. Superb Stuff!

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