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Machina Coeli
Finitor Visus Nostri
Machina Coeli

Machina Coeli is the adventurous aural project of Coatl M. Evil. This is a concept CD which describes in grandiose, extremely full and emotionally satisfying symphonic sound "The noble deeds of a gallant army leader that decides to forsake his mythical idea of war, which does not represent nothing definitive for mankind's ultimate fate. This fate is exclusively represented by the full individual posses of being and by the pursuit of the ideal."

The dark inspiration of the CD is fully negated by the beauty of its sound and magnificence of the musical intonations that resemble mature classical structures with modern melodic undercurrents and timeless literary references. The only problem is that this CD is 25 minutes and at the end it leaves you wanting to listen to more and more ...

Contact: MACHINA COELI c/o Savoldi-Volpi, Via Ambaraga, 67-25133 Brescia, Italy.

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