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Osdorp Posse
Oud en Nieuw
Ramp Records

Dutch frontband concerning Hip Hop, Osdorp Posse has existed for 10 years now, and that must be celebrated! Therefore they have released a special CD, coming together with a 138 page book, containing lots of photos, and the entire story of 10 years O.P.. The stories tell us about the struggles the Osdorp Posse has been through. Rapping in Dutch made it hard to be appreciated. But in '95 they broke through and stormed to the really big podia in the Netherlands, Belgium, and even Spain, and the USA!

Their hardcore rap with crashing loud beats are valued very positively by the thousands of fans the Osdorp Posse has (mainly in the Netherlands). There isn't a town here, where they have NOT played. The new album is a compilation of old songs, which are renewed to better the sound effects, and a couple of new songs to blow the audiences away once again ... The lyrics are mainly about fighting the commerciality in music, about hardcore rap, and about social issues as drugs, over-population and personal emotional feelings.

The album gives us a good overview of their music over the years, and the book is great! It can be ordered from Ramp Records. Free MP3s can be downloaded from their official site.

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