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International Pop Modulations
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Another exciting Norwegian debut album at the ebb of 1999, an indeed interesting year around Norway's pop/rock scenes. Micromars released a fine 7" EP called Our Modulation (on the Japanese label Motorway) earlier this year, off which 3 (of the 4 songs) are included here as well. Micromars is Christer and a bunch of "cheap" electronica. Tune in to International Pop Modulations.

Cheesynova (off the EP) is the album starter, a refreshing popper, a bubbling song up the Stereolab alley. New Pop Sound has got a fuzzy guitar intro before the electronica takes over. Micromars presents a collection of playful and naive pop, of the somewhat electro-pop-easy-listening type, related to the already mentioned Stereolab, Pizzicato Five, and such. Playing around with the sounds of Farfisa, Moog, Roland, and Korg machinery, he giftwraps a number of catchy and whimsy pop melodies. Fast Five and the cool Alpha Beta (both taken from the debut 7"), as well as Sibling Pulsars, are examples of pleasant moments for the present. This is music for now, the late 1990's, which I guess will be looked back upon with a smile, thinking of the tongue-in-cheek kitchy-ness in a relaxed atmosphere, sipping colorful little drinks.

Trembling Sustain Filter is another entertaining song, with French (sampled) vocals. French Fi makes me think of the Monochrome Set from the early 80's. The last track, the Jean Michel Jarre-sounding (!) Microgravity, closes the album perfectly, including nothing less than samples from NASA! Why don't you buy this album instead of the over-hyped latest Stereolab record? Yes, do so!

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