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Marisa Monte
A Great Noise
Metro Blue (CDP 7243 8 53353 2 7)

Originally released in Brazil at the end of 1996, Marisa Monte's A Great Noise is now the first major release of 1997. This highly anticipated CD combines the forces of Monte's songs in studio and live performances. In addition to seven new studio songs, there are 11 live performances drawing from Marisa Monte's previous releases, specifically from her highly acclaimed Rose and Charcoal CD. The art work, in particular, had been much talked about in Brazil. Gringo Cardia based the cartoon-like characters of the liner notes on the works of Carlos Zéfiro. The result was that this U.S. release had to be touched up. Nothing much except on the cover. Inside, the drawings are complete and untouched. Furthermore, song lyrics and guitar chords are also included for songs not previously released in other Marisa Monte's albums.

Marisa Monte has become a world-known singer from Brazil. Her greatest appeal seems to be her eclectic combination of various Brazilian music styles: Brazilian rock and reggae, samba, choro, and forró among others. With the careful production of Arto Lindsay and Marisa Monte herself, A Great Noise is all music and no noise. With new songs by Carlinhos Brown, Gilberto Gil, and even a poem by Octavio Paz (translated by Brazil's great Haroldo de Campos), A Great Noise will appeal to all audiences. The only foreign song in the CD is George Harrison's Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth). The arrangement for that song made it sound very Brazilian (with the masterful addition of a bandolim, ganzá, and accordion) in spite of its English lyrics.

A strong presence is Marisa Monte's band is accordionist Waldonys Menezes. His participation throughout the entire CD gets your attention. He uses the accordion to enhance the rhythms and Brazilian flavor in every song. Especially in the live tracks, Waldonys Menezes steals the show. I can only imagine what a thrill it would be to see him live. A Great Noise will probably soon be made available on video, as the liner notes mention.

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