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It's Sydney Or The Bush

This album is nothing less than a pure pop masterpiece. It's Sydney Or The Bush , the Inbred's third release, is a collection of catchy tunes, witty lyrics and pleasant melodies. The Inbreds area 2 piece band with an East-Coast feel (which is perhaps best described as country combined with 60's influenced melodic-pop). They usually consist of bassist Mike O'Neill an drummer Dave Ullrich, but on this album they have added lots of new instrumentation.

The Inbreds have a sort of pleasantness about them. They can turn the ordinary to the extraordinary in seconds. Mike O'Neill has definite lyrical talent that allows him to put the listener into a situation which is quite normal, yet rather twisted at the same time. The lyrics have emotional messages about heartache and confusion, but always with a snappy comical overtone. They jump out at you, without bogging you down. This makes the album rather fun, and cherry. The bass lines in Inbreds songs are always allowing for a smooth and bouncy flow of sound. The added instrumentation of guitar, piano, trumpets, and strings aides the climax of many songs, to give a feel good affect. While the strings in Drag Us Down keep that down-home vibe strong. The album has consistent and obvious musical and lyrical style, adding to the theme of emotion, and opinion that connects all the songs in an unbroken and thoughtful narrative. The vocals compliment the lyrics well; they can be passionate or angry without becoming too involved or serious. These comical aspects of the songs help make the album more interesting. With lines like "I know I kissed you then, but I don't mean it now". Songs become snapshots of people, places and situations taken with a quirky and light-hearted camera. I definitely have to say that this is my favorite Inbreds album so far.

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