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Seven Inches Of Fun
Lunar Hardship

Hayden / Poledo: Lunar Landing Confirmed (Squirtgun)
coverpic OK, so you got the 7" of the year, and you listened to I Wake Up With Me and you fell in love with that banjo and those quiet chords and drifted off to those powerful, soft, gentle and painful vocals. It's odd 'cuz this song is so simple, just sort of trots along doing its thing. But it has some kind of inner beauty to it, that makes you feel. Neat. And that, I guess is what Hayden is all about: beauty of the banal. I Wake Up With Me has that going for it tenfold. Your record collection SUCKS without it. This brings me to the awesome B side: Poledo's 2 Words graces this seven inch and (hopefully) turns you right onto Poledo's power! With a swift pulse and long intense are hooked. When Josh's forceful vocals take the scene the song becomes totally gripping. One thing that must be said for Poledo is dynamics. They can quiet it down, then accelerate and turn it up until you think the record is going to pop off the turntable..... go from totally simple to incredibly intense in 0 flat. The effect of this is gripping and emotional. Making 2 Words, along with most other poledo songs captivating beyond any other indie rawk band in Ontario for certain, and probably one of the best in the country.

I'm really glad that this 7" came out because its some much deserved publicity for Poledo who, since the release of There You in '94 have not been as popular as they deserve to be. And This 7" since its release in the early summer, along with Herskin on More Of Our Stupid Noise, seems to be serving them well. It's about time these boys from the magical musical town of Thornhill got the credit they deserve. Not to mention that it gave the world another beautiful Hayden song.

Hardship Post: No Time / Turn It Up (Squirtgun)
coverpic Well first of all I'd like to say just how much it sucks that these boys broke up. IT SUCKS A LOT!! OK I'm done. "The all new Hardship Post" single that is on Squirtgun is kewl. The A side is a song called No Time and its an Allison song (you know, Allison from Jale, she joined them before they broke up). It's a bit bouncier than the B side Turn It Up but that's just 'cuz of Mike Pick's crusin' style. Its got a pretty snazzy melody, and I like it. Turn It Up is a Mike Pick song, it's a tad on the bland side but I dig the cheezy aoooh's in the background. It's not a typical Hardship Post recording, but it's worth the 6 bucks anyway. After all, what did you expect

this isn't the
it's not
Maybe next time it will be even longer........oh well

It's not my favorite 7" or anything but it's OK. And if you like HP then buy it. 'cuz the World wouldn't be the same without Sebastian Lippa smiling in those buddy-holly glasses.

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