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Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub
Fine Art On Silver
Motor Music

Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub started as a German Indie sensation more than a decade ago. They were famous for their pop songs with sweet melodies and an edge, be it untypical breaks or wicked rhythms. Later in their career they signed to a major label which destroyed their indie reputation a bit but opened a whole new pop market for them. After a few records, Boa and his long time girlfriend and trademark Voodooclub co-singer Pia Lund were the only remaining original members, working with various musicians. But then Phillip Boa and Pia Lund split up, and that's the point where the Voodooclub ended as well. Boa will continue to make music, but since he is known to be a very moody person, it's not clear in which form, but apparently the Voodooclub is gone.

Their farewell record is a greatest hits compilation, ranging from their early independent days to their latest full length album. To keep the things interesting there are three new tracks, a cover version of a David Bowie track called Starman and two of their nice but not very notable popsongs. About half of the remaining "classics" were remixed compared to the earlier album versions, some only slightly,.but others radically. For instance, This Is Michel got a fashionable techno/dance treatment, Kill Your Ideals turned into a much heavier song than before. With these alterations the songs are interesting for both the devoted fan who has all the records, as well as the newcomer who is looking for a good summary.

Boa writes and sings in English because in his opinion it is the leading European language and he considers himself more European than German. Musically Boa likes to experiment with different influences - dance music, English indie rock, reggae, even classical, but nevertheless, the result is always a catchy pop song. The special appeal of a Boa record is the contrast of his and Pia Lund's voice when they sing by turns.

By the way, despite its title, this album is available on double vinyl as well.

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