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Cutty Ranks
Six Million Ways To Die

Six Million Ways To Die, Choose One - the famous phrase which you probably have heard for years now, is now the name of the new Cutty ranks album. The phrase taken from the mega hit A Who Seh Me Dun (Wake De Man) release in 93' (Vp), this album is bound to get you movin and groovin. Cutty Ranks (whose real name is Phillip Thomas) had took a few years off is now back and Ready fe Return.

On the album Six Million Ways to Die, you get 15 tracks of pure enjoyment. The first song entitled Ready Fe Return speaks for itself. It was remix by the great Bobby Konders. For all you hardcore people the album features The Hitman, Bush Tonic, One Gun Two gun, Ganjapipe and a remix of A Who Seh Me Dun. Those of you who have enjoyed A Who Seh Me Dun, you will enjoy the hit Push Out Oonuh Head as well. It can be considered a sequel to A Who Seh Me Dun. Cutty has thought of about 6 million ways to murder his competitors. Whether being beenie man, buju, bounty killer or Future Troubles, watch out cuz Cutty is on the prowl.

For those of you who like the sweet side of reggae dancehall music Cutty has some lovely cuts with Barrington Levy (My Woman with gruffled voice), Shaggy (Waste A Time) and veteran Edi Fitzroy (Guiltiness), using the old heathen rhythem. Cutty might of been absent for a few years with only a cut here or there but he is on top of the game. Being one of the most consistent dj's in the business, all dancehall fans should enjoy this album. Cutty speaks for the people and does not cause problems with his lyrics about guns or violence, as some say, but speaks of them....

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