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Alejandra Guzman
Cambio de Piel
BMG US Latin (74321-38468-2)

"La Reina" (the queen) of rock en espanol is indisputably BMG Mexico's Alejandra Guzman. She rocks and she rocks hard. Fans of Alejandra's earlier efforts will not be disappointed by Cambio de Piel, her latest release and uninitiated listeners will be drawn in by her tough and sexy voice which enthralls the listener for the entirety of the album. Cambio de Piel offers a taste of all sides of Alejandra - the child, the mother, the seductress, the rocker, the balladeer. She is truly one of a kind and her music tells her story.

Cambio de Piel, which contains hit singles Todo La Mitad (an uptempo smash hit) and Ven (a sultry rock ballad currently enjoying heavy airplay on US radio) has enjoyed much success in the US, Mexico and around the world. Guerra Fria, the albums lead track is a driving guitar driven hit, as is Buscando Tu Amor. Larga Distancia de Ansiedad is catchy pop with a sing along beat, as is Cuenta Conmigo. Quema Despacio and Tocarte show off her tender balladeer talents, and Recordaras is an uptempo ballad sure to be another hit single.

Born to showbiz parents, (mother Silvia Pinal and father Enrique Guzman), Alejandra realized her childhood dreams of singing with the production of her first album, Bye Mama, released in 1988. Produced by Miguel Blasco, and containing singles such as Bye Mama and La Plaga this marked the beginning of a long career, which is still going strong. Bye Mama went double gold, and the same year Alejandra was the recipient of many awards in her native Mexico including new artist of the year. The follow up, Dame Tu Amor went platinum, and in 1990 this was followed by Eternamente Bella, after which Alejandra embarked on a successful international tour, expanding her fan base by millions in countries throughout Central and South America, as well as in Mexico and the US.

The huge success of Eternamente Bella (which went triple platinum) was followed in 1991 with Flor de Papel (double platinum), and Alejandra, now an international superstar decided that it was time to make a new addition to her life - a child. Frida Sofia was born in 1992, and Alejandra matured following her birth, personally and professionally. Libre (double platinum), her first effort in a multi album contract with BMG/Ariola was released in 1993. Enorme came after that, and again focused on Alejandra's strength, maturity and sexy but sweet style.

You need only to see this incredible artist perform for five minutes to be drawn in by her unique tender/tough persona. Alejandra is not very tall in stature, but her voice more than compensates. Her style is impossible to pin down, sultry yet sexy, provocative yet pure. Always leaving you wanting more. On the cover of the album, Alejandra wears jeans and a white lacy shirt, pretty tame compared to her usual provocative outfits. Don't be fooled, she is also pulling the jeans down with one hand, and exposing her tattoo, which is featured again on the back cover. Inside you will find a montage of photos of the beautiful Alejandra, also pretty tame compared to her usual controversial image. An artist, a woman, a mother, a leader, a constant transformer. Cambio de Piel (Change Of Skin) marks a new era in the career of Alejandra Guzman, one of the most consistent and pioneering female rockers Mexico has ever seen.

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