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Human Alert
Bravo Boys
Bravo Boys

This second CD from the Haarlemse punkband Human Alert is called after a gay-pornomovie. I've read this in a music magazine (of course - editor's note). The Human Alert are seven (!) boys who play different kinds of punk. On the back they say that you don't have to pay more than 30 guilders. The first page of the booklet shows a picture of Loekie de Leeuw (Loekie the Lion), a Dutch commercial doll who goes through a lot of strange things, as a punker. The lyrics are written in all kinds of lettering, and betweem them are pictures relating to the songs.

The first time i listened to this cd i thought what the hell is this. Because it started with some lame melodic tunes and a women telling you how to do an aerobic exercise. These kind of jokes are all over Bravo Boys cd. The songs are sung by two vocalists, all puking, screaming and even singing they describe the misery of the common shit in The Netherlands. Everybody and everything is taken care of. In I Don't Like Skateboards Anymore they take the shit out of the commercial bullshit and the popular skate shit. Short after that, it's our neighbour countries Germany and France, whose government have to pay the price in Volk & Vaderland (nation & native country). Later on they even shit harder on the Dutch politics in, the anarchic song, Punk & Verzet (punk & revolt/resistance). They kick the hell out of the Dutch TV in Blind Date. But the best song is I Hate People where nobody is spared not even themselves. After that the blame everything on the 90s and there is no cure for it. This cd is, according to them, for intelligent punx, because it just isn't usual anymore. After listening to Bravo Boys I'd say that the Human Alert are the Dutch Dead Kennedys.

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