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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 40 - 01/21/00

Cristina Donà

Goccia (the 2nd track, transl. "the drop") is a masterpiece ! Nido (transl. "the nest") is its own dimension! Cristina's voice is absolutely precious, a rarity, and over the soft march beaten by Christian Calcagnile (on drums) it becomes necessary and perfect, as well as the minimal tune produced by the inspired cornet played by Robert Wyatt. He's back from a fresh collaboration with the ex-"Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti" and now, not by chance, the special-genius-guest in the brand new record of one of the best Italian female songwriters - unfortunately time passes but they're still a couple worthy of being mentioned!

Nido comes after a pretty long wait. Two years after Tregua, her first and wonderful record. It was welcomed by Italian music press as an event. What happened during this long wait? Intense gigs and a faithful production by Manuel Agnelli. They have a great agreement and the same music feelings at work, and listening to them playing and singing together, for example the cover songs Dentro Marylin by Afterhours or State Trooper taken from Springsteen's Nebraska gives everyone the shudders!

Nido's lyrics are always top-quality, images always dense with vibrating emotions to let wave according to the listener's own mood. Talking about the sounds, guitars always take the lead, among distorsions and mutations, or simply clean and acoustic. Choosing another song, I like very much Qualcosa che cambi il segno (transl. "Something that leaves the mark on you"), it would be perfect in a gig set-list after Ho sempre me, the first track of her previous record, Tregua.

I can't write anything more, this record needs to be listened to intimately. It's about 43 minutes (like an unforgettable vinyl) and none of the time is wasted: enjoy them!

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