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Ordinary Day

Levinsky is Eirik Gleditsch (synth, bass, drums, lyrics) and Kristian Lorentzen (vocals, guitar, bass, lyrics - formerly known as Buster), doing Depeche Mode (or even Japan?) influenced dance-pop from a "loft" somewhere (at the school they're attending to be precise, learning sound-engineering). I might not be too enthusiastic, but, nevertheless they sound quite pro and devoted. Ordinary Day is a 4 song CD-single going back to the 80's (uh-oh!). The title track sets the mood, but song 2, I am Losing You (released as a promo single), is the most rhythmic and dancable (maybe with the most authetic early 1980's attitude). Belive (sic) has a somewhat exotic touch, while Just Like Them is the calmest of the four, a ballad. Nice, but not quite my cup of tea after all.

I've been informed that Levinsky now is history, but out of the ashes comes: Kasio. Watch out if you're in the (depeche) mood.

Info: K. Lorentzen, Pilestredet 66, 0350 Oslo, Norway, or: sunclub

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