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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 41 - 02/19/00

Ludara EP
own label

Winter 2000, Korveezestraat - Delft. The drummer of Infected gives me their EP, saying: "We are the best band in the world !" We were just joking but actually there are lots of good ideas on this record, which starts slowly with a cold engine and ends with a necessary departure to new lands remembered by a super-sonic whistle.

What's in between? Flowing water and explosive chords. They come from Köln, Germany, but the singer, who has got frequencies similar to Eddie Vedder's, uses Serbo-croatian to express his lyrics in a unique way. The result is a quick infection, driven by a virus-guitar that hits really fast following the Bas's beating drumsticks, expressing strength and energy. The Infected work on your ears, you loose control and soon you will be addicted to their interesting sounds…it's evident they have fun, enjoying what they're playing, and I'm sure the audience under their stage too, so I hope the necessary departure will be followed by a brand new reunion, in the name of what should always be: music for music's sake!

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