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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 41 - 02/19/00

Joe Leaman
Double Penetration
Aua Records

J.L. come from Sassuolo. Its frontman, not by chance, is Giancarlo Frigieri, ex-drummer in Julie's Haircut, another great noise-rock'n'roll band from this small place crowded by sonic-minds and blade guitars!

They play a particular dusty rock, I can imagine them playing a small stage in a downtown Seattle bar. Their sound is sometimes driven by powerful riffs, sometimes by simple but viciously repetitive chords. Truly I prefer their slow songs, such as Truck or Everything went up in smoke, where the deep guitar flangers remembers me unforgettable dark atmospheres, or El Rancho: acoustic guitars and a sick and suffering voice that sings: "Slow is your natural beat, turn out the lights, just stay relaxed, stand-by" - great!

Lyrics are written in English only. Perhaps in future works they could look for a high qualified alternative&underground production, to clean some roughness, but letting amps driving always to max power, they will record another CD "tobeplayedatmaximumvolume" as I read in the booklet in front of me.

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