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Krusedull Records

Påsan, or Pål Lillevold, arrived last year with his debut album, Communication/Kommunikasjon, presenting songs from his private universe of DIY bedroom indie-pop, quite simple and naive. Then, just a short time after the Millennium turned, he's suddenly back with his 2nd album, and he's received rave critics in the Oslo press, claiming Påsan to be the pop hope of the year. So, is Påsan's jukebox filled with a glittering hit parade?

Jukebox holds 10 songs (plus the obvious hidden track, a very short and jokeish novelty rap-song!). What strikes me is that a lot of the songs on Jukebox sound like they could've been taken from a soundtrack for a film. The opening track The Music Room f.i., is a smart and cool instrumental, where Påsan presents what's in his musical bedroom: guitar, synth, drum machine. Other filmatic songs are: A Small Piece of Pie, Påsan is Going Down, and The Death of A Cowboy. All possibly taken from an unfinished road-movie, coming sometime to a theater near you? Most of the music strolls along without bragging or being loud-mouthy, and that's Påsan's force: not to exaggerate, but instead be short and to the point with his small, simple melodies.

Jukebox isn't an amazing album, but it's indeed a charmy one. The Music Room and Påsan is Going Down are two of the songs I like the best. The most immediate track is Electric, while the closing song Time To Say Goodbye is a fine way of saying goodbye. And, if I might add: See you later.

PS! The final words from the liner notes is quite fitting for Luna Kafé: "You can jump through the moonlight, and drink some drinks" (translated from Norwegian).

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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