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Ng Records

Would you believe someone if they told you that some of the best heavy music in North America is being made by teenage girls from London, Ontario? If the answer to this question is no, then you obviously have not been exposed to Kittie. This past January the quartet released their first full length CD, Spit, on New York's Ng Records. Consisting of 37 minutes of in your face metal it is easy to see that instead of purring nicely, Kittie are here to scratch your eyes out.

From the blood curling scream that opens the disc to the dark, brooding instrumental Immortal that ends the album, Spit is everything that a metal disc should be: aggressive, loud, and in your face. The girls' use of loud guitars, pounding bass lines, and thunderous drumming shows that all though they are young, Kittie are not to be viewed as another teenage novelty act. Although some are dismissing the band's music as mere teenage anger, these critics will be dismissed as the band further develops and becomes that much better. Standout tracks on the album include the title track, Charlotte, the lead first single Brackish, and Raven.

Kittie will be spending the majority of 2000 touring the world. They'll be playing with Slipknot, Sevendust, Ozzfest, and will be doing some solo dates as well. Do yourself a favor and check them out now, that way you'll be able to say, "I saw them before they were big".

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