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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 42 - 03/20/00

Julie's Haircut
Fever in the funk house
Gamma Pop Records

Pop-Noisers United: la tradicion es revolucionaria!

This CD is actually what I was waiting for, for a long time. It's not common, unfortunately, to see and listen to a cool Italian band playing dusty & noisy rock'n'roll, like Jon Spencer and his crew in N.Y., but in Sassuolo we find what we like more: wild-sweaty-groovy sounds to join in the name of "the new pop noisers Revolution", absolutely the healthiest source of energy for everyone who enjoy it. Feeling its exciting waves travelling all along bodies and working as their own cheap sonic recharger. A Fender Jaguar and a Gibson Les Paul rule this pleasant process!

You can feel and experience them like hot sex-machines, not by chance two of Julie's best hits are Everyone Needs Someone to Fuck and Love is Made for Two, just in a row in the cd track list. I think they deserve more and more than only the Italian underground-scene, I'm sure Gamma Pop Records (that is, in my opinion, one of the best Italian music labels right now, for its coherence and independence, look at Giardini di Miro' and Cut as well) will help them to go ahead and to look abroad. Maybe one day I will see them playing in Holland on the same stage as Boss Hog! Good Luck Julie's!

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