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...And Then The Hippo Charged
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Swab - on stage and from the studio

Someone who quotes Mr.Waits in their thanks is always welcome and worthy to be listened to, because, as everyone should know Mr.Tom represents music in itself! Mr. Swordfishtrombones is a warranty of high music feelings and real passion, meaning freedom and creativity, expressing emotions without rules, just improvisations coming from your own inner world. Mostly helped by a glass of whiskey filling a husky voice - actually the voice of a Genius.

Well, Swab haven't got Mr. Marc Ribot on guitars or a "drunk piano" to let dream, but their playing is absolutely driven by a genuine fuel. Last Saturday I finally broke an about one month abstinence to live concerts (dank u wel, Fleur) watching Swab playing, enjoying their funny show, performed in a unique style - just their own!

This is my summary: a low, many-sided harmonica, sometimes reminding me of Canned Heat, jams with a smiling guitar and an elegant sax (only on the CD) while punctual bass beats follows faithfully the line of its jazzy drums. They're better caught in the live act than the studio recording (a little bit cold), and more players for more fun would be well welcomed.

Nice tunes are: Hipperic and Hypotheekrenteaftrek.

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