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Reverend Lovejoy
Tonight, Baby I Am
Big Dipper Records

Since their debut, RL has grown from being a duo to a quintet, and to celebrate that, they release this 5 track EP where a couple of the songs have a broader, 'rockier' sound if you like. I'm not quite sure if I am comfortable with that. After hearing many of their old songs live, I'm even more secure.

Out In The Open, the opening track, is typical Reverend Lovejoy; acoustic guitars, semi-desperate vocals, but this time enhanced with some percussion and organ.Me Here Now is the best song on this EP; one acoustic guitar, some dense piano and an 'uncertain' vocal style which suits the song nicely. The new recording of Bywalk from their debut sounds more up-beat, but as with several of their new songs, I can't help thinking that there's an early eighties feeling about it that I don't like. The four-second guitar intro is plain heaven, though!

A step in the wrong direction, or just plain evolution? I'm not quite sure. But why do most Norwegian vocalists sound like they come from the deep south of the States?

Big Dipper - BDR 003 released on CD and 7" vinyl: Big Dipper Records, Ebellsgt. 2, Oslo, Norway / Pho: +47 22 20 14 41.
Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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