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Henry's Lunch
Big Dipper Records

The new Madrugada? Eeeh, I don't think so.

Muzzlewhite (or is that Henry Muzzlewhite Orchestra?) is a quartet from Aurskog-Høland and yes, they are a bit comparable to Madrugada, but lack much of the melodiness and dynamics of the latter band.

They try though (Henry's Lunch - a meal inspired by Cave's Henry's Dream? - editor's note), but fail almost completely as far as I am concerned. With their c&w leanings, I am rather reminded of Gun Club, Naked Prey and a lot of American eighties music that I'm not listening to anymore. Not my cup of tea, but then again, I don't drink bourbon either.

Big Dipper - BDR 002 released as CD and LP: Big Dipper Records, Ebellsgt. 2, Oslo, Norway / Pho: +47 22 20 14 41.
Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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